Daytrips: What to Pack and Where to Go (Spain Edition)

As I may have mentioned before, this is not my first time in Spain so naturally I have taken all sort of trips around the country, both long and short. With friends and going solo. I am currently on a solo day trip of own right now but I utilized the time on the train ride there to compose this blog entry for you.
Let’s begin!
A few do’s and don’ts:
DO go on a daytrip to a town (or city) that is less than or about 3 hours away.
DO go alone if you are confident enough in your language skills and aren’t shy about asking a stranger where the nearest (insert location here) is. You never know what wonderful kinds of people you’ll meet and get into conversations with! Use your best judgement with people and know when to break an interaction off.
DON’T take a day trip somewhere if it will take more than 5 hours to arrive there one way. You will most likely not see everything you want to see or will try to fit too much into one day and could miss your train or bus back home.
DON’T take a day trip to a town that speaks a regional language or little to none of your native tongue if your Spanish skills are shaky. Exception: if the town or city is more touristy and so English and other languages would be spoken, go! Just remember to use common sense wherever you go and go to the tourist office if you need help finding a place. Or use your trusty friends, Google Maps and the Internet! ;P

Don’t leave the house without these essentials:

1) Money belt and/or wallet (with the necessary tickets, cash, cards and passport or national ID card tucked safely away in the zippered pockets)
Chances are you won’t need your passport for a day trip but if you live close to the boarders of Portugal or France, take it with you!
2) Reusable Waterbottle

3) Camera + extra batteries or smartphone + cord or portable battery charger (plus the necessary power converter plugs)
Can’t leave home without my Pentax Optio 8.1 MP or my Lenmar Portable USB Charger.

4) Non-perishable snacks
5) Medicine (aspirin, allergy medicine or inhalers)
6) Travel toiletries (tissues-which can act as toilet paper-,lotion, hand sanitizer, scissors, tweezers, a comb or brush, hand wipes, resealable sandwich bags-for snacks or leftover uneaten food-)
A few extra essentials as seen in the picture: sunglasses, flashlight, band aids and deodorant (couldn’t hurt!)

7) Waterproof rain jacket or heavy coat (depends on the season and location of the city or town you plan to visit)
Don’t leave home without one of these if you plan to travel to Galicia! It’s a must.

8) Umbrella (depends on season and region. This will be #1 on the list if you plan on visiting any city or town in the region of Galicia. Check the weather!)
9) Reading material (books, magazines, guidebooks or ebooks and audiobooks)
El Hobbit is in Spanish and the Learn Portuguese book is well, in Portuguese, haha.
10) Plastic bag with extra change of clothes or for dirty clothes. (This one mainly applies to those who are taking a day trip that involves some type of outdoor activity or hike. Cross this one off your list if you don’t foresee yourself getting wet, muddy or sweaty on your day trip).
Pretty self-explanatory but I wanted an excuse to show you how ugly the colors on the Gadis bags are…
11) Your imagination and sense of wonder! Take the time to get to know they city you’re in and talk to a few locals if you can. It’s fun to see the sights and be a tourist but it’s much more worthwhile if you can do that and get to know the place on a more personal level.
And that’s all I’ve got! What would you add to this list, if anything?
Tell me in the comments below!

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