How to Apply for the Auxiliares de Conversacion (NALCA) Program in Spain

As I write this, I am currently in my first year as an English language assistant in the North American Language and Culture Assistant Program through the Spanish Government for the 2014-2015 school year. I am a mid-twenty-something American from Ohio (the Midwest) and I have lived in Spain before both as a student and tourist in the iconic and lively city of Seville, in the heart of Andalusia. However, when I decided to apply to the program to live in Spain longer and gain experiencing teaching, I wanted to go way out of my comfort zone and chose the northwestern region of Galicia as my first choice. I’ll explain the steps you should take to apply to this program, why I chose a new region and some pointers (and loopholes) that I found helpful when I applied or read advice on how to apply myself.

(This post is currently being edited and updated so look for the full post soon. Please don’t comment until I’ve finished it by the end of July 2015).

Gracias y hablamos pronto!

– Sarah

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