A Running List of Things I’m Thankful For

I have severely neglected this blog for reasons that are understandable (the loss of a family member, working and saving up for a big move halfway across the world, making said big move and starting a life here, and that list goes on, haha).




Espa帽a! 馃檪

A few things have gone wrong from me and I’m not in the best health right now but I am not giving up. I think these challenges are just more of the same challenges I have been facing all year when it came to preparing for this new chapter in my life. There were several roadblocks that I faced leading up to my move to Spain and I know that they are not over. I did think, “oh, how hard could things be once I get over here?” and I shouldn’t have thought that everything would be smooth sailing once I did. Anyway, I am choosing to keep a positive attitude and finding things to be thankful for. The way I’m doing this is writing down at least three a day.

Here’s what I got so far:

Sept 28th, 2014

– Power


plugs and available outlets

– Places that will let you come inside with suitcases!

– A sleep mask that blocks out ALL light

Sept 29th, 2014

– Sunny weather all week long in the infamous rainy Galicia

– Signs in Spanish and Gallego 馃檪

– Hearing Castrapo (a mix of Spanish and Gallego) in the streets (It’s like I’m discovering Spain as a country all over again 馃檪

-Wifi in most bars and restaurants (especially those with strong outside signals 馃槈

-A city that’s easy to navigate (I went mapless today and I’ve only been here like 2 days! haha)

Sept.30th, 2014

– Fresh, cheap produce that will hopefully help me continue to recover fast!

– The fact that I brought my pillow from home and how comfortable it is

– A school with staff that seems very friendly and proactive with the students!

And speaking of school, it starts tomorrow for me, October 1st, 2014! I have waited for this day all year. Let’s see what this experience teaches me while I, in turn, teach children English and about my culture.

October 1st, 2014

– A child’s smile and mischievous grin.

– Co-workers with whom I can speak Spanglish

– The fact that I have co-workers again!

– Being enough of a regular at a local bar that people recognize me and can help me with local problems if I need it! 馃檪

Un beso,


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