Auxiliar de Conversación Program

Bienvenidos! I participated in the North American Language Assistant Program from 2014-2017 in the regions of Galicia and Madrid, Spain. I taught students ages 3-12 and learned so much about teaching and living in Spain during that time frame.

Now I work as a legal freelancer in Madrid translating, writing and teaching private classes. In the coming months I will be adding lots more content here about applying to the program, packing and preparing for your time here, applying for the student visa and later on, getting your temporary residency card, what it’s like to teach at a school, reapplying for another year in the program,  how to enjoy your life here to the fullest and more!

Keep checking back to this section for more information.

What are you waiting for? The unique world of teaching English in Spain is waiting for you! (Photo from my first year in A Coruña)