The Ultimate Guide to Madrid’s Transportation Networks

After scouring the Internet for information over the years, I have always noticed that when it came to finding information about Madrid’s metro, bus, and train networks, written guides were very basic and were rarely updated to reflect changes made to the networks, new improvements or station closures. In fact, there wasn’t one place you could go and get complete information about all of the major networks to help you navigate the city of Madrid. Let alone finding that all of that information in well-written, non-literally translated English!

Well, once I realized I not only had the head knowledge but also personal experience with most of the city’s transportation networks, I decided to write the book on it!

Of all the years I’ve been living in Spain, I’ve spent 4.5 of those years here in Madrid, learning the streets, trying new restaurants, understanding its history, seeing the sights, and really getting to know the city on a deep, personal level. I’ve walked hundreds of streets, traveled hundreds of miles using Madrid’s Metro, bus, and Cercanías (commuter train) networks and there is still more I have left to learn about this city!

I lay it all out in this comprehensive guide sharing how each network works, what types of tickets and passes you can buy, why you should sometimes choose a Cercanías train route over a Madrid Metro train route, and tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my years of living here. This is the guide I wish I had had in 2010 when I first landed in Spain and mapped out the slowest way possible to get to my connecting train in the Puerta de Atocha Station and later on when I moved to Madrid back in 2016.

Estación de Chamartín (waiting for a Cercanías train for the first time post-lockdown in Madrid)
Hallway with divided lines inside Madrid metro network station
What are you waiting for? Take that first step! (Inside the Colombia metro station, Lines 8 & 9)

In addition to having all of the information about each network in one place, maps, line descriptions and ticket pricing, this book features special sections on:

Intriguing historical facts behind each network and their construction

Pro-tips for riding all transportation networks

Tricks you only learn after being a regular commuter for years

Safety tips for women traveling at any time of day

Station name changes, future expansions and improvements

And more!

Madrid is generally a very safe city but there are times when letting your guard down can put you in a vulnerable position. I will teach you tricks on how to keep yourself safe, travel smart, and help you become more confident no matter which mode of transportation you choose to travel on!

Whether you are a tourist or visitor, a study abroad student, a Master’s student, an intern, or starting a new job, this guide has something for everyone! It’s not specific for one type of person but for many different types of people and covers all aspects of living in and enjoying the city of Madrid to its fullest. And if real-life travel isn’t an option for you right now, you can always purchase this guide to help you plan your future visit or move, putting you ahead of the crowd when it comes time for Madrid to welcome international travel once again.

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Buen viaje!

<3 Sarah