Post-wedding shoot in Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

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I’m Sarah, a 30-something, hard-working, fun, adventurous American woman living in Madrid, Spain. Forever obsessed with tea, the color purple, scarves, tacos and traveling, just to name a few. I started this blog as a single girl in her mid-twenties and embarked on making a life for myself in different parts of Spain. I’ve since settled down after marrying my Northern Irish man but wanderlust and my love for story telling still beckon me to the open road. These days I’m not traveling at all – much less solo – but I sure am catching up on telling more stories and adventures as well as creating informative content to help you enjoy Spain to its fullest, however long you’re here for. Join me on this journey where culture, language and travel meet!


30 something Midwestern girl living in Spain with her Northern Irish husband. Loves burritos, a good cup of tea, a great book and long conversations in multiple languages.

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