Be Yourself

“If you can’t, can’t be yourself, what are you living for?”

Enrique Iglesias croons this lyric on one of his previous best selling albums titled, Seven, in the song, you guessed it: Be Yourself.

It’s catchy like most of his songs and you can definitely dance to it if the mood strikes you. There is a lot of truth to this song and it’s actually encouraging for a secular song. In the bridge, you hear him talk about what his mom and dad used to say about his future success–how it wouldn’t happen. It merely emphasizes that you will always have people around you or in your life telling you that you won’t ever succeed or overcome the challenges you face now. Through a feel good, upbeat dance song, Enrique shows you that you can believe just the opposite.

Bad company corrupts good morals and crushes a dreamer’s spirit. Avoid people who want to choke the life out of you and your dreams. They will reap what they sow one day. Instead surround yourself with people who will build you up while giving you honest and practical advice.

This music related post is the first of many this summer. I’ve noticed during the past few months I’ve become stuck in a rut in regards to listening to music in Spanish. I’ve gotten comfortable with the artists I know and love and don’t branch out as much as I used to when I didn’t know all of the popular Latin and Spanish artists by name. I miss the days where I constantly searched for new genres and artists and when songs in Spanish were too fast for me to understand. Now I almost know all of the words to my favorite songs and all the pauses and breaks in between them. You may be under the impression that music in Spanish will always be lightening fast, but believe me when you get to that level, it’s really just right if not slow. 馃槢

Anyway, from now until the end of August I will be sharing a song from a new artist each week. I’m a couple weeks behind but I wanted to get this first post out, even if the song I chose is sung in English. It starts my musical journey off on a good foot, though. I’m going to find songs that speak to me in both word and sound. Life is too short to waste your time copying someone else’s style. There is only one you for all of time, as the quote goes. Why not, just be yourself?!

Hope you enjoy this song from one of my favorites! A bailar y a cantar, amigos!

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