Te prefiero a ti


I am almost a week behind with my musical journey posts so I’m just going to post the video for this song. Please let me know what you have thought of these songs – and if you speak Spanish and enjoy these types of artists and styles too. 馃檪

Te prefiero a ti – Rio Roma

When I was a freshman in college, almost 5 years ago, I used to have days where I was burned out with Spanish. In the spring of 2008 I took two upper level Spanish classes at once and it was almost too much for my 19 year old self to handle. I would get a combination of writer’s block and a headache from writing or journaling or listening to music in Spanish too much. Sometimes I would even get to the point where having too much exposure to the language made me physically ill inside. Now, looking back, though, I think it was part of the necessary refining process that everyone has to go through when learning a second or even third language.

This all changed though when I lived and studied in Spain. I had dreamed of going to Spain ever since I was 16. When I finally got to live out that dream and eat, drink and sleep Spanish on a daily basis, the “burnout” phase disappeared. Today, listening to music in Spanish relaxes me and honestly, it’s something I can’t go a day without. 馃檪

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