Lo que nadie vio


“Lo que nadie vio” por Bethliza Cintron

Bethliza Cintron is a Christian Latino singer who debuted in 2006. Extensive information on Cintron is hard to find as she was not a mainstream artist. She currently is not actively producing new music but we can still enjoy the songs she has previously recorded. And with the deliberate speed of this song (and the written letras-lyrics), a beginner Spanish speaker would be able to understand this song.

What no one saw ~Lo que nadie vio. This is typically something that God sees in us that no one else can see. Maybe it is the longing for a Savior or the earnest desire to know Him more. Regardless, God never gives up on us.

Thank goodness He doesn’t!

We are at times, as humans, quick to give up on ourselves or the people who disappoint us. What is the point? What reason do I have to go on?

But then there are certain times where we have to ask ourselves: “Should I try harder or simply just walk way?” when the person or object does not merit our time and energy.

I could have easily answered each of these questions negatively in the last 8 months. My post-graduation job search took much, much longer than I expected. Even when I found a job (an internship), it wasn’t what I expected I’d find at all. I mean this in a good way, though. 馃檪
Now, almost two months after I found that job, I discovered another opportunity that puts those newly acquired skills to work! It’s amazing where one open door can lead you. None of this could not have been possible without God and the continual prayers of my family and close friends – and you, too, if you are reading this. 馃檪

I won’t deny that there were not days when I worried about my future plans and if my life was ever going to improve. Some days were tougher than others, but I still held on and fought the good fight. Knowing it was not in vain. And it paid off – hopefully big time, if I keep working hard to glorify God in all I do and say. I am by no means perfect and will never claim to be. I just trust that, in the end, I know that it will be worth it!

I leave you with the verse mentioned at the end of the video (Psalm 40:4):

“Bienaventurado es el hombre que puso en Jehova su confianza.”

– Salmo 40:4

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