Little Thoughts

You know those thoughts you think out-loud (or say in your head) that you often ignore? They may not seem important at the time, but sometimes those thoughts can be lifesaving.

“Should I enter the number to the place I’m interviewing into my phone?”

“I should clean my room (or car)…”

“I should pack for my 4 month trip to Spain two weeks early….”

And what is the initial answer to all of these questions?


But…what if you got into a car accident before you reached your job interview and they gave the job to someone else? What if cleaning your room allowed you to have more friends over or helped you with time management? Actually wouldn’t it just be nice to know where everything is for a change? Hmm.
What if packing early meant that you could focus on preparing yourself for a trip that would change you inside and out?

(In case you’re wondering, I actually did pack two weeks early for my study abroad trip which saved me a lot of trouble the last 2 days before the trip. I did have a lot of last-minute things to do, yes, but I was actually able to get a decent night’s sleep beforehand and shower in the morning. Oh my, was it a good thing to shower before I left because I did not get to shower again until I got to my destination – 30 some hours later.)

If I can plan extremely well for a long trip overseas, surely I can plan for the everyday surprises in my life, right?

Not always.

This week has shown me that I need to spend my time more efficiently and actually show up to places prepared and on time. It’s easier said than done – especially when I have to be out walking in the Florida heat for a few minutes here and there almost everyday. I also need to continue to listen to God and the thoughts He springs up in my mind that will help me later on in the day. A big one this week was forgetting my water bottle. Never, ever leave home without one, (or access to water) more so when said home is somewhere in Florida.

I think I should tune my ear to my inner skeptic more often when preparing for the day.
“It’s not going to rain this afternoon.” Translation: BRING AN UMBRELLA.

“I don’t really need [insert important item that you will need later]..” Translation: Take ittttt!!!!

“I won’t forget [another important item]…” Translation: Set it out by the front door or put it on the kitchen counter – or wherever it is you set important stuff on. 馃檪

I’m not perfect so I will continue to make mistakes as I charge on through life. However, after this week, though, I’m making a small list. Stat.

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