El amor [remix]

WEEK 6 (better late than never!)

El amor (remix) por Tito ‘El Bambino’ featuring Jenni Rivera


Y va creciendo y creciendo

como nubes en el cielo

dando vueltas por el mundo

es increíble

así es el amor

y al fin lo encontré


el amor te ciega

aunque a veces te engaña

el amor es pureza

si que alguien tu amas

el amor te atrapa

y del nunca escaparas

solo tienes que aprender amar

Welcome to the wonderful (and vibrant) world of Reggaeton! Tito is a Puerto Rican singer who began his career back in 1996 with partner and friend, Hector. Together they dominated the reggaeton charts in Latin America but due to incompatibility personally broke up in the early 2000s. However, their success and acceptance into the Latino music community made the way for artists like Daddy Yankee to break out into the reggaeton market later on.

In the music video for this song, different pictures and expressions of love are shown. The chorus alone speaks mainly of romantic love but it can almost be applied to almost any type of love. Love blinds you, deceives you; but at the same time it is pure, when you have someone to love you. Love can also trap you and from it you can never escape it – you just have to learn how to love back. (This was taken from a direct translation of the chorus, if you caught onto that. 😉

Love comes many forms such as: puppy love between a boy and a girl, the love between childhood friends, mothers and fathers when they meet their child for the very first time, between a man and woman on simple date, a secret admirer, love at first sight, showing compassion for the poor and performing a random act of kindness for a stranger or someone you know and even sharing the Gospel.

The video doesn’t even begin to encompass all of the types of love we can express or experience in our lives, but it starts you off on the right path. The overall theme is that love draws everyone together, no matter their age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, profession or religion. We are all human and therefore are all connected. The pieces may not line up right away, but I believe that you meet and love people at certain points in your life for specific reasons. You may figure out their purpose in your life after a day or until your very last day on earth (and sometimes not even then).

One thing I am sure of, though, is this: Love knows no boundaries.

“Porque el amor no conoce fronteras.”

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