Guest post: Let It Go

***The seventh installment of my collaboration project titled, ‘5 Years’: ***

This week I am pleased to feature, Jonny Jimison, a self-taught comic book artist and friend who tells stories through drawing pictures. He has his own website, blog and a daily comic strip called ‘Getting Ethan.’ Jonny and I met at Mission Way Community Church here in Jacksonville over the summer. I have been going to the church for a few years but Jonny found the church earlier this year and became involved in the Worship band that plays on Sunday mornings. Jonny is happiest when he is worshiping God through either piano or guitar, drawing and coming up with new projects to work on and traveling! He is a graduate of Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, Florida where he studied Music Ministry. In his spare time, he also enjoys learning Spanish and practicing his conversational skills with me. His two big dreams right now consist of finally moving out of Florida one day and using his art for God’s glory!

Hope you enjoy his post and are encouraged by his life experiences over the last five years. Drop him a line below if you liked his unique story on my blog! And if you want to see more awesome drawings by Jonny, be sure to head over to his website after you read his post: Jonny’s rad website

Note: there might be a character in this comic strip that you’ll recognize! 😉

Let It Go by Jonny Jimison

3 thoughts on “Guest post: Let It Go

  1. ana gutierrez says:

    Hehe, Sarah, it is great! Your a character from this strip! I didn't know you use to torture your friends with such activities to learn Spanish 😛 just joking). But I really liked it, above all your lines, of course!

  2. sarah says:

    Ana, I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Haha yes, I am sort of famous now, aren't I? No, of course I am not like that. 🙂 Oh, if you don't mind I need to correct your English a bit. It's *you're, not "your," and you forgot a 'd' on 'used.' =O I would also just rearrange your last line and say, "…all your lines above…" Does that all make sense, amiga? 🙂

  3. ana gutierrez says:

    I really wrote a pretty stinky piece of English there, Sarah, I am completely ashamed :/ I didn't think much nor I corrected it properly after writing. So "your" is a big mistake and, as you quickly noticed, I meant "you are". With "you use to.." I wanted to mean "you usually torture your friedns", but I had some kind of brain stroke and I mixed it all up. And with "above all" I wanted to express "especially". Especially were your lines the ones I found the funniest (you know I love flattering you!). But I am a bit confused about "above all", because in the dictionary it says it is also correct, but you didn't understand me, so something is weird about this expression

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