The Most Epic ¨How I Almost Missed A (Insert Mode of Transportation Here)…..¨ Stories

If you know me outside of the blogosphere, you´ll know that I have a habit of being late. It doesn´t matter what for or why, I am simply always late. The long answer can be found (and deduced) in this blog post but the short answer is this: I love to wake up early and get a head start on the day but I move slow in the mornings (and often over-thinking everything). This translates to me arriving late to almost everything under the sun: movie theaters, restaurants, bus stops, train stations, airports and even my own parents´ or grandparents´ house for dinner, haha. It´s like I have this insatiable desire to see just how close I can arrive to the time before a movie starts without me or before a train decides to leave me in its dust at the station.

I´ve been traveling internationally off-and-on for almost 10 years and you would think that I would have a set routine or schedule when it comes to traveling but I honestly don´t. I have packing a suitcase down to a science yet I can´t seem to do the same for the actual travel part. The most important aspect of traveling (minus the experience itself) in most people´s opinions.

As much as I try to break the habit or simply take baby steps to be more punctual, the whole being late thing seems to go well with my lifestyle so why change? It also doesn’t help that the Spanish culture in which I live is more laid-back and most of the events, parties and activities (even movies sometimes!) are known to start late (sometimes 2-3 hours late). One of the most ironic things about this culture; however, is that the trains -all around the country- leave at the exact time the schedules say they are going to leave. And once the doors whoosh shut, not a single soul can get on or get off said train. Or can they…?

(Disclaimer: Don´t try these methods at home or in another country. I can´t guarantee any of them to work. And I don´t want any of you to get angry with me for having tried one and it not working. But you guys still might get mad at me anyway because of how lucky I´ve been when I´m late. And I´ve had plenty of times where I haven´t been lucky – don´t worry.)

Come take a little trip down memory lane with me as I recount three experiences where I should have missed a city bus, a regional bus and then, most recently, a train but didn’t!

1. Catching a city bus in Jacksonville, Florida that was running on a detour route and on a Sunday (a slow day)

2. Being the second to last person to board a bus in Madrid heading to A Coruña after a spring break trip with my brother

3. Making it onto a train from Ourense to Santiago at night and after I spent the afternoon at the nearby thermal hot springs.

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