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Last week I finished re-reading my absolute favorite Nicholas Sparks book and once again am blown away by how well-written this story was. Now, I know that because a lot of his books have been turned into movies people have become sick of his books and hearing about them, but honestly not all of them are about stories of some “great love.” There is more to life than love, if that’s what you’re thinking and I agree. Well, I find that each story is unique and can change your perspective about a situation. If you don’t care for Nicholas Sparks at all, I would challenge you to read this book because it will change your mind. It’s called “The Choice.”
It has more than just love in it…it’s about family, careers, life…and a choice I hope some of us will never have to make. Anyway, I want to share this excerpt on traveling with you that really impacted me:

“At times, it almost felt like I was destined to take the trip, like all the people I met had somehow been waiting for me. But… But I’m different now than I was then. Just like I was different at the end of the trip than I’d been at the beginning. And I’ll be different tomorrow than I am today. And what that means is that I can never replicate that trip. Even if I went to the same places and met the same people, it wouldn’t be the same. My experience wouldn’t be the same. To me, that’s what traveling should be about. Meeting people, learning to not only appreciate a different culture, but really enjoy it like a local–following whatever impulse strikes you. So how could I recommend a trip to someone else, if I don’t even know what to expect? My advice would be to make a list of places on some index cards, shuffle them, and pick any five at random. Then just…go and see what happens. If you have the right mindset, it doesn’t matter where you end up or how much money you brought. It’ll be something you remember forever.”

Apply this to any season of your life. I, of course, thought of my study abroad trip last year almost immediately…but I could also apply this to college. Honestly, though, you can apply the first part of this paragraph to any stage in your life: high school, a family vacation, mission trips, college, internships, semesters or years abroad, first jobs, first years of marriage, moves, new family adventures…and the list could go on. I may share what I have reflected on from this excerpt in a future post…but for now I will leave you with this: I think that I experienced the Spanish culture in this way and it was the kind of experience God intended me to have (and forced me to see that it was the best one for me). I definitely followed whatever impulse struck me at times and drove my host mom crazy! haha But in my opinion, it’s the best way to live life because hey, you only get one, right?

Abrazos, mis amigossss!

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