Puente de Triana, Sevilla


Week 2

Peligro by Reik

“Peligro y otra vez
corro por la línea de fuego
me besas y caigo en tu juego
Peligro de caer
en tu voz estoy perdido
no escucho a mi sexto sentido.”

[Danger again
I run along the line of fire
you kiss me and I fall into your game
Danger of falling for your voice
I’m lost, I’m not listening to my sixth sense]

If you’re reading this and don’t speak Spanish, I’m sure you appreciated the translation to the chorus of this song. Doesn’t the (rough) English translation strip the song of its beauty, though?

Reik is a Mexican pop group. The word Reik is the Spanish version of the English word “rake.” They changed the spelling because they knew their Latino fans would not be able to pronounce the word in English correctly. Normally they produce soft ballads but they decided to experiment a little in their newest album, Peligro (2011). Instead of the characteristic soft sounds, this album pairs their signature love songs with electronic beats and upbeat rhythms. The chorus is catchy and the song is fun to dance or work out to…but let’s look at the meaning behind the chorus.

Puente de Triana, Sevilla

After hearing this song, I’ve started to think about peligro [danger] more and more. Not just in the personal safety sense but much more in the sense of temptations. Peligro is all around us, whether we’d like to admit it. But danger comes in all different forms. It could be a few impure thoughts that ultimately lead to cheating on a spouse, becoming addicted to viewing provocative images on the Internet, having a couple of drinks a week vs. having a few drinks a day, or constantly comparing yourself physically to others in magazines or real life.

Regardless of what your “danger” might be, I know that it appears to be extremely attractive in the beginning. If you let it, it will entice you (me besas//you kiss me) and then you will fall into its trap. When temptations overtake us, we block out our conscience (mi sexto sentido//my sixth sense) and sometimes forget it was even there in the first place. It’s easy to say that you won’t fall into the temptation to _____, but how can you know for sure you won’t? Only by asking God daily to help you overcome obstacles in your life and relying on His strength will you resist temptation.

Enough deep contemplative thoughts for the night. Get up, dance, and enjoy this song! Or wait until the morning to hear it so it can wake you up for the day. Either way, enjoy it, and tell me how fast you think the Spanish sounds! 😉

If you’re wondering why this post says, “Week 2,” please go back and read the post, Be Yourself to see why I’m posting about a different song each week this summer.

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